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The Guide's Here!

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Blovid Developments

Blovid Developments

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Database Help

We’ve put together this short page to help you out using and adding to the database. We’d be really grateful if you could contribute as much as possible to the site. We’ve made it as easy as possible and also made it so anyone can add to the site.

Quick Edits

If you want to make a quick edit to a page, simply add a comment to the crag page (at the bottom) and we’ll update the page for you. You can add anything this way, or suggest an edit. However, we’d appreciate for longer edits doing it as described below.

Editing Crag Pages

This applies to all crags, sea stacks, bouldering etc. You first need to register on the site to get permission to edit anything. Once you’re logged in, go to the page you want to edit and hover over/near the text you want to edit. An “edit button” should appear ** . Click on it and add your info. Routes should be formatted as below (saves us having to edit it!)

Route Name in Bold Grade Stars Height(m)

Route Description on a new line.

First Ascent Leader, Second, Date if known (all in italics)

Then leave blank line between this and the next route. Don’t bother with numbering UNLESS you plan on drawing a photo topo for us (see below). If you want to edit or correct crag info such as grid reference etc, then just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

** If you don’t see the edit button, it’s because we haven’t upgraded your account. Contact us and we’ll do it asap.

Adding Crags

At the moment it isn’t possible for site users to add new crags to the site instantly. We may well add this feature eventually, but for now, please use the contact page to request us to add a crag for you. All you need to include is the Crag Name at this stage and tell us if it’s trad, bouldering or a sea stack. Once we’ve created it, we’ll email you back with a link to the page and you’ll then be able to edit it.

Photo Topos

If you’re adding new routes a photo topo can be extremely helpful. You can draw these using a variety of programs but we recommend the free program Beta Creator. It requires Adobe AIR (free download) to work and is a very lightweight, simple program that takes a few minutes to draw an excellent topo. Once saved, email it to us at (change -at- to @)

You can download Beta Creator here:

Adding Photos

SCi is not really a site for climbing snaps, but we welcome half decent shots that show routes well or are just good climbing photos. Climb Shetland caters well for general photos so use that site if your photo doesn’t match that.

To add photos to SCi go to crag page the photo is of and look for the upload photo link on the right. Please name the photo correctly stating the crag, route and climbers in the title.

Once again, thanks so much for taking the time and effort to contribute to SCi.