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The Guide's Here!

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New Shetland Guidebook

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Blovid Developments

Blovid Developments

The short story of a new crag


The Climbing

The climbing in Shetland is about as varied as you could hope for. Apart from big mountain routes there isn’t much that’s not catered for. In fact the choice can be somewhat overwhelming, as you’ll see from the database, so this page should help you choose the right crag.


Cragger’s Crags

For a chilled day bagging routes, no abseils.

Grind of the Navir

South Gill (Upper Tier)


Ronas Hill

Scary Stuff

Epics not guaranteed, but easy to come by!

Eshaness Lighthouse

Fogla Taing

The Faither

The Kame!

New Routing

Plenty to go at – please record them!

Otter’s Head

Vaakel Craigs

Eshaness Lighthouse

Fogla Taing


Quick Session

Short Walk ins and good landings

Ness of Sound

Su Stanes

The Virdans

‘ard Stuff

Pushing it – plenty of new problems to open

Stanes of Stofast



The Location

It’s all about the atmosphere…

Stanes of Stofast

Sanda Cailla

Grey Face Boulders

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing hasn’t seen much development yet in Shetland, and like the rest of the UK, it isn’t really the focus of local climbers. Retro-bolting is strictly out and bolting any natural rock is questionable, leaving just quarries – and most of Shetland’s many quarries are seriously loose!

The exceptions to these are Raasmi, a small sea cliff of little interest for trad has been cleaned and bolted as a pleasant evening venue, and The Virdans quarry is in the process of being cleaned and bolted. Donations to the site are welcome to further this development.

Sea Stacks

Its fair to say that Shetland has its share of stacks – more than any other area of the UK! Few have been climbed and we’d really appreciate the effort of writing up your antics if you do climb any.