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The Guide's Here!

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New Guidebook for Shetland

New Shetland Guidebook

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Blovid Developments

Blovid Developments

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Shetland lies at 60°N latitude; 100 miles from mainland Scotland; closer to Bergen than Edinburgh; has a population of 22,000; over 100 islands; 100 miles from North to South; 1,700 miles of coastline; and a shed load of rock! So, Shetland is probably bigger than you think…

From the hillside granite outcrops to the volcanic sea cliffs and inland gneiss boulders, Shetland offers about as varied a climbing experience as you could hope for. Don’t expect to bump into many other climbers!

From the intermittent exploration of the 80s and 90s to the current “golden age” of Shetland climbing, we now have over 1000 recorded routes and many boulder problems.

Development shows little sign of slowing as more and more crags keep on showing!

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Useful Links

No site is complete without useful links, so here they are. Pay particular attention to the weather, or you might run out of pointless conversation at the crags… If you’re planning a visit there’s plenty of info already out there so we won’t bother repeating it here.