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Blovid Developments

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Foula is one of Shetland's outlying islands, to the West. It is a very remote place, and home to sea cliffs as high as any in the UK. The Kame rises to 376m but is disputed as a continuous cliff due to a grass ledge at 2 thirds height known as the Little Kame. The rock is sandstone of varying quality.

There is a long history of climbing on Foula for access to collect eggs in previous centuries. Typically undertaken by soloing with a pack on their back carry the eggs. Locals such as Robert Isbister  were still climbing the cliffs in his 80s during the 1950s and John Thomas Ratter was still climbing them in his 70s the 1980s!

Climbing has been done so far by various parties, with no doubt other unrecorded ascents. Six different areas have been climbed to date, although there is certainly a great deal more to go at on the island for the adventurous.


By air or sea! Flights operate all year round from Tingwall airstrip near Lerwick. These are operated by Loganair. A ferry also operates from Walls and Scalloway. Neither are daily! Details can be found here.

Once in Foula there are self-catering cottages to rent and a B&B. Camping should be fine too - ask the locals for advice when you get there.


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  1. Ian Parnell says:

    Climbed on Mucklabrek this August (2017) – fine crag lots of gear, strong lines but sandy – an adventure cliff. Tamienorie Corner and Eric the Dead both high in their grades (Eric perhaps only 2 stars due to sandiness). Bottled it on a wet Nebbifield but swam out to Gaada Stac and did a very nice 25m HS 4b up North most leg (wall visible from shore) – probably done many times before but worth recording

  2. Ross says:

    I’ll send you a photo to mark up the lines, I had asked Dave prior to the guide, but you will hopefully have them clearer in your mind.

    The stack has been climbed by several different lines, but it is all a bit vague in peoples memory, so useful to know that the North leg goes at HS. Murray Hamilton swam out to it back in 1972 and climb a route on it a E1-E3.

  3. Ciara says:

    We’re going to be in Foula next week and would like to have a go on the easier routes at Da Logat, we’ll have an ab rope with us but we don’t have stakes – is there anything in situ you can use for the ab or another way to get down? Thanks

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