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The Drongs

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The Drongs are a well known and spectacular series of stacks off the Ness of Hillswick. They are visible from the road between Hillswick and Eshaness. They have seen a few ascents over the years. The main recorded ascents are by Mick Fowler, Andy Nisbet and J Lincoln in May 1992. The Main Drong and Slender Drong were climbed in 1982 by Joe Brown, Don Whillans and Kenny Spence and called The Mast and The Sail. The exact route of ascent isn't known. These names have been used for 1992 ascents to reflect this but may take different lines.

The rock is friable and quite broken.


These stacks are 1km offshore and in water depths of over 70m just 100m away. As such, they attract some heavy weather and access is not to be underestimated. A boat is really the only way to go (kayak may be possible, but difficult to secure on the stacks). Partially submerged rocks around the stacks mean care should be taken on approach in any boat.


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  1. Duncan Critchley says:

    In Hamish MacInnes’ memoir The Fox of Glencoe (to be published in 2021), he describes climbing The Drongs with Joe Brown, Don Whillans and Kenny Spence in 1982. The Mast and The Sail were their names for the individual stacks. They left pegs which is probably what Mick Fowler et al found.

  2. Ross says:

    Thanks Duncan. I’ve updated the route summary to reflect this and look forward to reading about it in the book that I see has now been published.

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