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Eshaness Videos Summer vs Winter

Well I’ve finally got round to doing an edit of this summers Adventure Show filming of Al Whitworth and Desiree Wilson climbing at Eshaness Lighthouse. The video was part of the “Wild Weekend” feature for The Adventure Show. They had originally intended to film sea kayaking as well but the weather was against them for that. I think they did a great job with the filming and production. As you’ll notice, the second route was a bit ‘touch and go’ as it was wet through the crux sequence.

To show the same coastline in a slightly different light, we were out today for a walk from Eshaness Lighthouse to the Grind of the Navir. It was the first proper storm of the winter and one of the best I’ve seen. Winds were storm force 9 with a 10m westerly swell, and now we’re back home and rinsed all our gear of salt water, it seems to have picked up even more!


Adventure Show Edit:

Eshaness Storm 10th December 2014

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  1. Les Hewitt says:

    That’s one hell of storm. One hell of a tough dog as well!!

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