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Blovid Developments

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The Adventure Show (again)

Following on from the last episode, The Adventure Show feature Shetland again this week. This time the presenter, Desiree Wilson leads a climb back at Eshaness Lighthouse. This time conditions weren’t perfect and I’m pretty sure my battle with a stuck rope under a wet roof on second wasn’t filmed; somehow one half rope had got caught above the roof and so was pulling me out right through the roof with the other rope following the line and pulling me left. I ended up leaving a wire to keep hold of to avoid flailing out into space and unable to get back on the rock. Although that would have probably made better tv!

There’s also some birdy wanderings around Noss in this episode. Kayaking around Muckle Roe was planned but unfortunately the weather stopped play and I don’t think they made it back to film that.

The program goes out on Tuesday 11th November at 7pm on BBC 2 Scotland and will be on iplayer shortly after. I’m also hoping to get the footage eventually to make a short edit for the website, as the programs don’t stay long on iplayer.


  1. Andrew Wilkinson says:

    Really looking forward to your edit as I really want to see this but can’t view on iplayer as I’m not in the UK at the mo.

    • Al says:

      Thanks Andrew. They said they would give me the footage at the time so I hope the offer still stands! One of their frustrations is that the Adventure Show only stays on iplayer for a short while then disappears and can’t be watched again. A waste really.

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