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Ross on The Faither ProphecyWith the appalling weather we’ve been having here this last few months we’ve been confined to just looking at the crags (if you can see them through the spray). It’s given us a chance to catch up on a few other things though, like sorting out bits on the website, and we’ve managed to get a few more miniguides done.

The new ones are for Fogla Taing, a great sandstone crag in the South Mainland that has a great deal of scope for development and The Faither, another crag in Northmavine – its a real gem but gets fewer visits than deserved due to being a 1 hour slog away (past several other great crags!) With the miniguide I’m sure we’ll now see folk queuing to get on the stack. Maybe.

The Eshaness Lighthouse miniguide has also been blitzed with topos now for pretty much all the routes, making it much easier to find your way around the 70-odd lines.

We should see a few more guides coming up soon too, including Pobie Skeo and South Gill.

The database pages will soon be updated with all the topos we’ve done for the miniguides. If you have already bought the miniguides from us, you can download the new versions for free. Head to the Downloads page, and you should see them. This is a new feature that only shows the files to those who have bought them, so if it doesn’t work please email us. From this page you can also order printed updates if you don’t have a printer or are lazy!

Not bought a set of miniguides yet? Get them here.

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