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Blovid Developments

Blovid Developments

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Verdans Access Issues

Well its not often we have access issues in Shetland, but the Verdans quarry is currently fenced off. Over the winter all the grass was scraped out and cable reels were being stored. Now SSE have taken over the quarry with a full on site with offices etc. The area they are using doesn’t include the climbing, but you need to walk through it to get the routes. I assume this will only be temporary (they seem to be replacing a lot of the poles and wires in Northmavine) and its easy to walk around the fence, but climbing during the day when the site is active is definitely out! If you want to climb there then keep well out of the way of their equipment and don’t bother if someone’s there.

If I get a chance to speak to someone I’ll see how long they plan to stay and see if they’d mind climbing after hours.

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