Another E4 for the Grind

In July Gary Latter returned to Shetland, and to old haunts of the Grind of the Navir and Eshaness Lighthouse to add a few new lines and repeat some of ours.

He added a superb line at the Grind of the Navir, one that has caught the eye of some of us recently too and may have had its first ascent sooner if the swell had been a bit less on the day myself and Andrew went to attempt it in May. Having said that, with the suggested grade from Gary, I’m pleased I didn’t!

Navir Again 30m E4 6a ***
A stunning pitch up the South Nose. Start just left of the base of Da Droiltin Tree . Climb the arete to good incut ledge (unprotected, but straightforward), then by a combination of the crack and right arete to good ledge. Pull out right onto the slab, step left (good Camalot 0.1 in small pocket) and round to good holds on the slab out left. Continue veering rightwards past several breaks to the top.
Gary Latter 31 July 2012

The South Nose

The area of the South Nose seems incapable of producing anything but top quality routes, with 6 consecutive routes now rated 2, 3 or 4 stars!

Gary also repeated a route of mine from 2007 called Ponder, previously unrepeated. The grade was confirmed at E4 6a. Next to this line, the route Two Tone has another grade to its tally, E3 5c suggested by Gary. This adds to the E2 5c suggested by Ross Jones in 2008 and the HVS 5b it was originally given by Paul. I think someone was climbing well that day, but shows just how personal grades can be. With relatively few repeats of most routes in Shetland, its something that will happen here regularly for years to come and adds to the adventurous nature of Shetland’s climbing.

Thanks to Gary Latter for providing the updates. Navir Again follows this line:


  1. Andrew says:

    Last great line!? Surely not! ;-)
    Nice write-up Al.

    • Al says:

      Well, might be being slightly provocative with that one! There is only really one more wall with the potential to produce a stunning line, but no one has the balls to climb it!

      • Andrew says:

        That is the wall to which I was referring! :P
        I think the one opposite will give another classic line too.

  2. Ross says:

    So Gary gave Two Tone E3 5c as an onsight compared with my E2 5c onsight. That is pretty consistent I’d say on the grading front and Gary’s abjective grade may be closer to the mark. So I don’t think it is an example of how personal grades can be. Paul’s “I think its HVS Ross, why not give it a go?” was a real sandbag but then as Paul admitted he’d top roped it so many times prior to leading it he couldn’t really be sure of the grade!

    Its good to see Ponder has had a second ascent and opinion on the grade.

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