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The Guide's Here!

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Blovid Developments

Blovid Developments

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Welcome to, a site dedicated to documenting and developing climbing in Shetland. We’ve set up this site to provideĀ  information on the best places to go and to showcase what’s on offer for all climbers. Whether it’s trad climbing, bouldering, sport or sea stacks, Shetland has something to inspire climbers, both local and visiting. We hope you enjoy using it and feel free to send us your climbing news or articles on your Shetland climbing experiences. You can subscribe to the site by email or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on Shetland’s active and thriving climbing scene.

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Al, Andrew & Paul

All Gone Quiet

It’s suddenly 2020. The last article published on here was 2016! What happened? Well, quite a few things really. This website was run by Al, Andrew and Paul, with some other very active climbers around putting routes up. Paul left Shetland in 2014, then Al left in 2018. Other local climbers have dropped off the scene too, and it’s all gone quiet. The club still exists (Climb Shetland) meeting regularly at the indoor wall in Aith, with occasional outdoor trips. Visiting climbers have increased with the guide, which has been a great success. And that’s another reason – this site was set up to collate info for the guide and has served that purpose well. It will continue to stay online, but for now will be un-managed and un-loved.

That is, until the next wave of super-keen local climbers come onto the scene and pick up the baton. We will happily hand over the ropes, and who knows, maybe Andrew will come out of climbing retirement!!

Website Issues

The site has recently been updated to keep it secure, but this has “broken” some things. We will try to get these fixed so that you can at least browse the site properly and use the info, but until it’s fixed, sorry for the odd appearance.

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